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The floristic retainers are small plastic links of about 6 cm.  Each one can hold one flower.

They can be linked together into a chain, creating any shape you like.


The stems of the flowers, are lightly pressed in the retainer,close to the flowerbuds.  This way the flowers will show the exact shape formed by the retainer.  The bottom of the stems can be bound together if wanted.


The retainers help the florist create a bouquet faster and exactly as he intended.



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Although the floristic retainers are designed mainly for  the creation of complex flower-designs, where a more precise shape or form is wanted, this is not all.


In everyday life people often buy just flowers, for example 3-11 roses.  Practice shows that the floristic retainers here also can be very useful.  A small circle or heart-shape of 9 roses looks much more impressive than just 9 roses.  And you can create any shape you like.


Of course until now florists usually used a simple piece of metal wire for this, but to create a shape as precise as you can with the help of the retainers, is all but impossible with just wire.

And with the retainers it's much faster and easier.


Finally, one may ask, is there a need for such precise flower-arrangments? Of course, this is a matter of taste, flowers are beautiful in itself, but nicely arranged, they give your bouquet a freshess and originality that stands out.


For a more detailed description of the retainers see page Product details

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